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Here are some sound samples from the TV series, available here courtesy of the Rurouni Kenshin Archive. Right click on the links and choose "save target as..." from the menu to download the files. All files are in MP3 format; to listen to them you'll need WinAmp ( or any other MP3 player.

Saito 34K
"Baka" Kaoru 44K
"Baka"-"Oro" Kaoru and Kenshin 44K
"Battoujutsu" Kenshin 79K
Come Kenshin 145K
"Die!" Kenshin 32K
Found you Kenshin 197K
Hands off Kenshin 56K
Hang on Kenshin 74K
"Kaoru-dono" Kenshin 99K
"Kenjutsu" (1) Kenshin 264K
"Kenjutsu" (2) Kenshin 195K
"Kenshin..." Kenshin and Kaoru 181K
Lost Sano Sanosuke 58K
"Misao" Misao 140K
"Oro" (1) Kenshin 20K
"Oro" (2) Kenshin 56K
Ribbon Kaoru and Kenshin 203K
"Sakabatou" Kenshin and Kaoru 77K
"Wait" Kaoru 123K
When I say... Kenshin 271K
Yell Kenshin 83K
You bastard Kenshin 116K